The article has mentioned the ways to pay utility bills online. It helps to find out the variety of comfortable payment possibilities that make the utility bill pay simpler and faster. 

The principles of utility bill pay

Time is the precious gift in the world, so utility bill pay requires much effort that must be spent on more important activities. Moreover, paying utility bills online allows fulfilling functions. 

  • download, print, and look through the bills 
  • sign up electronic billings and be eco-friendly
  • examine payment records and using it
  • pay quickly
  • make billing plan
  • subscribe AutoPay

The benefit of AutoPay is an opportunity to pay bills with the help of automated withdrawal from the banking account. Before the money is written off automatically, a person would get an email. Moreover, the service charges are not taken.

Ways to pay the utility bill online 

Nowadays there is a lot of methods to pay bills online. In the future, the ways are added due to the progress and depending on the world changings.

The versions are represented below to pay the utility bills right now

  • digitally – it is an application for smartphones that permits the paying bills by the phone. It is needed to download the app and choose “Pay My Utility Bill.” It is free with ACH.
  • e + Mobile – it is the app for Android and Apple devices. It is necessary to download the appropriate application and pay the bill with the help of the phone. This is free with ACH.
  • e + Online – it needs to build up a new profile and sign in to the account. After logging in, it is important to add the user account and click the tab “View and Pay Bills” for making a payment. The servicing fee is payable by paying a credit card. It is also free with ACH.
  • text message – it is free with ACH. It is needed to enroll in Pay by Text to procure the notification about a new account. There is a way to pay the bill immediately by means text message if the method of payment is stored.
  • an online system – it is free with ACH. This method is worked by account number. A person can pay the billings without login that is to enter the account number and pay the current balance. 
  • telephone – Invoice Cloud is a payment system whereby a person can pay the bills using a phone. It is a chargeable service for bank transactions. 

The versions are represented below to pay the utility bills in the near future

  • SmartBill (email) – e-account contains the feature of electronic payment without fee and pay the utility bills. It is important to click the button “View Invoice or Pay Now” in the text that SmartBill has sent by email. This is free with ACH.
  • Automatic bankers draft – the feature withdraws the sum from the current account monthly for utility bills. It is also free with ACH.